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Synopsis: When the Dark Lord Azcar captures the sister, and only surviving relative, of a young carpenter named Cayden, he sets out to rescue her. As he treks across the sundry terrains of the land of Virsa, he must confront the dark lord's evil agents as they attempt to waylay him. Along the way he learns that although he himself is not capable of defeating darkness in the world, the Light is, and it is only by means of character, perseverance, and trust that he can let the Light work in him to save his sister and make him the messenger of light and hope for Virsa.

Est. Length: 90 minutes 

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy 

Production Companies: Christian Cinema Series, Vining Sisters Productions

Release: The film was shown at several screenings, beginning in March 2021.

Online Streaming: The Light Of Virsa can be viewed on this website by anyone who purchased the film before 1/1/22. The Light Of Virsa is no longer available for rent/sale here on our website.

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Vining Sisters Productions: 

Vining Sisters Productions, is a production company that produces films made by teens. They have produced  several short films and have produced The Light of Virsa together with Christian Cinema Series.